This letter is probably the most important letter you will ever read, and the most important letter I shall ever write. Important because we are at the crossroads of British life, and British history, and your decision having read this letter, will decide our future, and Britains future.


Today we have a choice, we can continue to go down the same old road of divide and rule, or we can have the courage of our own convictions, say enough is enough, and take a new road.

That new road will be a new political party created by ourselves called The United Democrats, with our own values and principles incorporated into a written constitution, that will restore trust in Parliament, and restore justice and democracy in Britain.


Having taken this initiative, and because we are basically a nation of democrats, and a nation that always becomes united under a crisis, it was thought appropriate that the name for this new political party should be The United Democrats.

A name that will unite the people under one umbrella, in a fight for a better Britain, and a better future, and a name under which people from all walks of life can work together, for the benefit of all.

Personally I have no doubt that the vast majority of people in Britain do want change, they want a political party and leaders they can trust, and if all like minded people have the courage of their convictions, and reply to this initiative to create a new political party, The United Democrats will be the biggest political party in British history.

No money or personal information is required at this stage,  just a letter of support stating your area of residence,  and sent as soon as possible to this website.

Dont hesitate, be positive, and sent your letter of support now.

Moving forward - the next step.

To move forward with The United Democrats and because of the time factor, the internet has been used for speed of delivery, to gather support, and get our message across at minimum cost.

Consequently, we also need everyone of you out there who want change, to spread the word of this initiative, contact other PC owners to log on to this website, tell family and friends, because it will be your efforts and commitment, and the number of replies we receive at this website, that will determine our success, and the need for change.

To facilitate the organisation of this new political party, I have taken the post as chairman of The United Democrats, but only until such time as a more democratic procedure can take place.

N.B. All constructive ideas and comments are welcome, as will be volunteers, activists, organisers and leaders.




Fellow Democrats.

I use this term of introduction because if you have read this far, then you are obviously interested in the concept of a new political party, or very concerned about the future of Britain.

Why do we need a new political party ? For the simple reason that if we want change, we have to do it ourselves, because nobody else will.

Take a good look at society today, we have fear on the streets, crime and violence rampant, public services crumbling, transport a shambles, education a farce, immigration unchecked, lies and deceit from government, and MPs lacking the courage to uphold parliamentary standards.

We also have a divided nation that is becoming more extreme, a government that does not listen and is becoming a law unto itself, and when people become old, they are treated like excess baggage not worth the cost, a crime that shames Britain.

This is the reality, this is why we need The United Democrats, why we need a new type of political leadership in Britain, because the old politics have failed, they have become old and decayed, and no longer serve British interests.

The key to any successful organisation is its leadership, and its ability to lead by example.

Leadership is about having the courage to do what is right, to listen and respect peoples opinions, admit mistakes, and to be honest and forth-right, leadership also means being compassionate to those less able, and to have the strength and common-sense to deal practically with issues that are not acceptable in a civilised society, and the ability to communicate, organise and delegate responsible areas to those more qualified.

Finally, leadership is about having the knowledge and experience to make sound judgements, look at all the answers from a broad viewpoint, and pick the most acceptable solution without prejudice, and it is this type of leadership Britain needs.

Again the choice is yours, but the facts are we need change, we need to rebuild a society we can all enjoy, and rebuild a political system we can trust, and government that listens, so dont hesitate, join us.



Robert Eyre, born 1939- armed forces, 1956-64, active service, shop floor, management, property owner, voluntary community service- 25yrs, elected parish councillor, school governor, chairman, organiser, various committees, projects, charity and environmental work, extensive travel, married 40yrs.


1981- 87, founder member of SDP (social democratic party) local candidate- agent, representative, national council for social democracy, public speaker, organiser, fund raiser- listed parliamentary candidate- constituency chairman.

Retired from politics as constituency chairman when SDP amalgamated with liberal party, reason being I was not willing to sacrifice the values and principles that lead me to join the SDP.


1, A united Britain with people working together for the benefit of all.

2, The protection of Parliamentary standards by an independent committee, and the inclusion of references in Parliamentary candidates applications.

3, Parliamentary hours and procedures to reflect the needs of the nation, not its membership.

4, Parliamentary and public appointments based on merit, and cronyism condemned.

5, The establishment of long-term policies to ensure stability, and a safe and secure future.

6, Judges to be elected by the community, or elected representatives, not the legal profession, and reviewed periodically.

7, Responsibility and discipline returned to the individual.

8, Zero tolerance implemented by law and order.

9, Free education for all citizens, but subjected to buy- out contracts to protect taxpayers investment, deter brain drain.

10, Public services to adopt in-house promotions based on ability and experience, and practice in-house maintenance.

11, Immigration to be restricted due to population density, health, housing, education and employment problems, with compulsory English language and British law courses for successful applicants where necessary, and to aid integration.

12, co-ordinated transport system\ taxpayers money reimbursed by share certificates, in- house maintenance and promotion.

13, Employment initiatives and enterprise promoted at all levels, secured investment \ tax grants to promote expansion of manufacturing base, national agency and information office created to co-ordinate business, customer, supply and demand needs, cut red tape, in-house government contracts, encourage, a climate of co-operation and consultation in government,  business \ labour areas.

14, A written constitution to safe guard Britains freedom, independence, justice and democracy.

15, Pensions upgraded to provide security and independence for senior citizens, increase covered by redundant benefits and administration costs.

16, A full review of the NHS instigated, and opened to public debate.


There are of course many other issues that have to be examined and solutions found in Britain today, and far too many to be covered in this short summary, but in stating these initial objectives, The United Democrats have I believe, taken the moral and common-sense approach needed to restore confidence in the future, change attitudes, and lead society to a better quality life.

That said, the plain truth is that we can only make these changes with your support, and the acceptance of your responsibility by becoming a member of The United Democrats.

We can open the door of opportunity, but you the people of Britain have to decide your own future, its in your hands, so be positive, take this opportunity with courage, and send your letter of support now, thank you.



Let me say from the beginning that I took this initiative because there was no choice, and no alternative to creating a better society for the people of Britain.

For decades the people of Britain have been used and abused by the old political parties in a divide and rule policy, that has turned people against each other, created dissent and dissatisfaction, chaos and anarchy, and its time to say, enough is enough.

With regards to choice, let me say also that before taking this initiative, I too had to face a difficult decision.

My dilemma was that although I knew this action was right, my choice was impeded by the fact that I now live in Greece.

How-ever, I decided to continue with this initiative because having grand-children and family, their future and Britains future was more important than mine.

I also felt it was our responsibility and duty to leave a legacy of a safe and secure future, and the decision has already been taken to return to Britain on the strength of your support.

I also understand the reluctance of the public to trust politicians today, and that is why I made a point of telling you these facts, so that you will know that this new political party will not be built on a foundation of lies and deceit, but built honestly on the integrity of its membership.

The choice is yours, but speaking for myself, I am willing to lead from the front or work in the trenches, as long as we achieve success and a united Britain, and restore justice and democracy to its rightful place.

All I ask is that you take a good look at Britain today, look at the problems, and remember how the people of Britain have been used and abused for decades, and I need to say no more.

You have your answer for a new political party, a new start,  and a new policy of people working together for the benefit of all, join us, its the right thing to do.




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